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Tim Hardy
Three almost immediately became 4.

For me It's the little things that make life worth it. Whether it's my Airedale terriers big smile, Jamming on the guitar with friends or my 1964 record player humming out some great tunes, they all seem a little better when you have a beer in hand.

When i'm not doing the things listed above I am spending my time in the winery cellar making wine in the Barossa and talking about beer.

As you have probably guessed beer is on my mind quite a bit. There is always something to think about whether it's recipes, the next variety of hops you'll use and how you'll use them or even which yeast to use. There is always something to learn. I studied brewing in Tafe before practising my craft in a friends shed where I share my wares with colleagues and friends in the wine industry. Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than watching someone take a sip of one of my beers and watch their thirsty gulp turn into a refreshed grin.

The beers i tend to make are aromatic style pale ale or a refreshing lager with a good balance of hop influence, though I'm always playing and experimenting but keeping my philosophy at it's core which is 'simplicity'.

Beer for me has always been a great social tool, whether it having a beer with my parents, brother in law, friends, it's always the start of a good conversation. Now I, along with my brewing chums, get a chance to help start some of those conversations, which I'm sure will solve the world's problems.
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