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Olexij Straschko
And then there were two.

To me enjoying beer with good mates is almost as good as making it with good mates.

Starting out with a thirst for quenching beer after a day's work in summer turned a hobby into an obsession for making that perfect beer for different times. An interest in brewing's enjoyable mix between science and art coupled with the incredible amount of information available to brewers has meant that its been an easy track learning how to brew. I love it that brewing is never boring, you can learn something from everyone if you listen.

Coming from a culture where a story is an important part of dealing with crappy long cold winters has meant that I love a good yarn and always have a joke up my sleeve. It also means that I like to bring a story into the beer I make and conjure up a place for the person drinking it.

Like my fellow brewers in the collective, I don't settle on the ordinary. Each beer has something to tell you about who we are and where we come from and I look forward to taking you all along with us through the Western Ridge journey pint by delicious pint.