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David Henderson
Founding lunatic.

David was born, so the legends tell, in 1972. He is absolutely no relation to brewing legend Steve 'Hendo' Henderson, although he is also called Hendo and really thinks he shouldn't have written that; because now he can't borrow credibility he hasn't earned!

Dumb arse.

Still, David is quite fond of brewing. For most of the 90's and Naughties, he bounced off making it a career designing the odd brewery here and there around the world amongst his other industrial engineering activities and doing some recipe consulting. For some reason he thought it was not the right career and in about 2011 ended up all but running a business bank! Seriously, what was he thinking, right?

He loves almost all beer, although his wine loving side makes it hard to approach beers with brettanomyces ferments or heavy use of wheat malt. What he loves more, however, is the process of making beer. Particularly with friends. He doesn't love the soulless factories where a person sitting in a control room makes millions of litres; they are fun technical challenges, but really not beer, not in any meaningful sense. He loves using different mill designs to change the mash bed characteristics. He loves working out how to extract starch or flavours from adjunct ingredients in the process. He loves experimenting with ancient techniques to create old flavours for new beer drinkers.

If we veer off into extreme beer nerdery, it is his fault. Probably.

So, Darryl Trine put the original Barossa brewery in Greenock on the market in, oh, I don't remember; let's say 2012. David decided to buy it but didn't, that was Chris Higgins; go and try his beer!

Who knows why he didn't buy it. Stupidity has not been ruled out, but it was mostly being unable to afford it.

About 3 years later he abandoned the idea of working for a living to give brewing a go full time, because he really loves it, is occasionally told he is quite good at it and really didn't need his money anyway. Now, thanks to three other blokes he is part of a brewing collective. The fifth Barossa brewery? Something like that.

David rewrote this to be more about what he loves about beer but left it freakishly third person out of a perverse need to perpetrate obscure in jokes. It is unashamedly longer than the others because using few words is not really part of his skill set.
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