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Alex Marschall
Two quickly became three.

I have two main passions in life; sausage dogs and great beer... seeing as owning two long haired miniature dachshunds is enough excitement for anyone I have diverted my attention to all things craft beer!

I am self-taught brewer drawing on literature and experience provided from many friends in the Australian craft beer industry. Although I like all styles of beer, for me nothing beats a well-balanced IPA with plenty of hop bitterness' and aromas on a warm afternoon. I love experimenting and pushing the boundaries of using different natural, whole ingredients that you wouldn't expect to see in a traditional beer (think spices, exotic fruits, and even tea blends).

What else fills my time?

I'm an avid home hop farmer experimenting with growing more than a dozen different varieties, so watch out come harvest time there will be Fresh hopped IPAs all around! I also love anything outdoors including long summer days at the beach. I hope you all find something in my beers to test your sensory abilities, or at the very least leave you with an opened mind to the flavours a beer can exhibit.