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Vox Populi

Brewed by Alex Marschall
April 2017

A beer created by the people* for the people** – bound to be a real crowd pleaser***!

First came the survey. Completed by Adelaide craft beer drinkers.
Then came the results, they were rather fond of Rye, of IPA's, of Citra and Mosaic hops.
Then Alex combined them into a recipe for a very handsome Rye IPA.
And on the last day we brewed it, a Rye IPA using Citra and Mosaic whirlpool and dry hopping.****

Some say it has a solid hop aroma, all we know is that is has lip-smacking forward bitterness and a lovely, moreish, peppery rye malt finish.*****

We will leave you with the prophecy, handed down from the ages, that once the Rye IPA has been made, then shall it come to pass that the Red Rye IPA will follow. Only time, a few more trial batches and our access to brewery time will tell if the prophecies are true!******

* Not actually all of the people
** Still not actually all of the people, only those who filled out the survey and indicated a preference for Rye, IPA, Mosaic and Citra hops
*** May not actually please crowds, use only as prescribed and see a doctor if the rash persists
**** The last day before we brewed it
***** That went alot more Stig than we expected, sorry about that. And yes, we have tasted it. You know, because Science.
****** There is not actually a prophecy

Vox Populi
150L Produced
Keg Conditioned Rye IPA
Brewer: Alex Marschall


Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water

Beer Nerdery

Style: Indian Pale Ale
BJPC Category: 21B Specialty IPA: Rye IPA
Hop Origin: USA and Australia
Malt Origin: UK and Australia
Carbonation: Keg conditioning
Priming Agent: Fresh Wort
2.3 Volumes CO2
15 SRM Colour
15.5 ºP Original Gravity
3.7 ºP Final Gravity
6.5 % ABV
60 IBU

Where to buy:
NOLA Adelaide - 2 kegs
Stein's Taphouse Nuriootpa - 1 keg