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Vision FestivAle
Our very first beer on tap, anywhere.

One of our collective, Olexij, is quite well known for his guest brews at Regency Tafe in South Australia. You may have encountered Samurai Koi and La Rusalka in the past. He was approached to produce a unique brew for the Vision Festival. Life got confusing with the old story of big players owning taps and not letting the little guys in. Thankfully the Crown and Sceptre stepped up and offered us a tap for the festival pre-party.

We were asked to make one keg of 'Ballsy Malty Ale' for them to have available at the pre-party.

As a result, we laid down a keg of unique ale as part of our very first commercial brew. Olexij was so excited he hand carved a tap handle to go with it!

This will be our very first beer sold and there is only 50 Litres! We hope you get a chance to try it.

We made this beer on our first brew day, so read on about our InaugruAle for the whole story.

Vision FestivAle

Limited Release. 50 Litres Produced.
Keg Conditioned Real Ale.
Brewer: Olexij Straschko


2 Malts, 2 Hops, Yeast, Water

Beer Nerdery

Dry Hopped
15 ºL Colour
14.8 ºP Original Gravity
4.8 ºP Final Gravity
5.4% ABV
36 IBU
American Pale Ale / American Amber Ale Hybrid

Where to buy?

Crown & Sceptre Hotel, look for the hand carved tap handle.