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Secret Rehn's Business
Our InaugruAle

Barossa Valley, South Australia

05:30 am, Monday 19th September, 2016.

Bloody Cold and Frosty morning with a jaw-dropping sunrise (shoulda taken a photo).

Three (one of the collective couldn't get the day off work) nervous brewers crowd into the brewery with Brenton Rehn at Rehn Bier. We are holding our secret weapon in nervous hands as Brenton shows us the ropes.

Our secret weapon, a stainless steel hop back to pass the hot wort through. We have 300g of dried whole organic hop flowers to go with it and a pocket full of stainless steel cam-lock fittings to adapt hoses.

We have to pause here and mention how awesome it is to be getting so much support from Rehn Bier. Brenton himself is a small batch craft brewer and for him to allow us to contract in his brewery is a real sacrifice. It means we can keep our quality high and our made hand. We are able to use hard to find ingredients to make awesome beers, just not very much of it.

We didn't have enough stainless adapters, by the way. We were pulling apart and reassembling hoses throughout the brew day. Naturally after we finished brewing, we found the one extra adapter we needed in the back of the brewery!

Why were we nervous? Because a few days before we decided not to use one of our many well tested recipes for our first brew, but to create an entirely unique beer that we can return to each year on our anniversary. So we are about to make a brew that has only existed as a slack chat log for a few days and never been made before.

Not coincidentally we were wearing our brown trousers.

We grind and stir and shovel and pump and taste and test and boil and chill. Making a real beer with no adjuncts. Just water, pelletised and whole flower hops, malted barley and yeast.

Several hours later, we have finished transferring it into the fermenter and pushed it to a quiet corner of the brewery so the yeast can happily chew on all that yummy wort and make it into beer.

Since this was two days before our producers license was formally issued and we could not yet promote ourselves, the name for this beer was obvious. The fact that we had not even finished our branding at this stage and couldn't promote ourselves if we wanted to was beside the point!

Secret Rehn's Business

Limited release. 100 Litres produced.
Keg Conditioned Real Ale.
Brewer: The Western Ridge Collective.


Malt, Hops, Water, Yeast

Beer Nerdery

Style: American Brown Ale(ish)
BJPC Category: 10C(ish)
Hop Origin: NZ and Australia
Malt Origin: UK and USA
Carbonation: Keg conditioning
Priming Agent: Fresh Wort
2.0 Volumes CO2
15.8 ºL Colour
15 ºP Original Gravity
5 ºP Final Gravity
5.5% ABV
38 IBU