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Captain Responsible Trousers.
A Very Silly name for a session ale.

'Said Captain!

'Said Wot!!

Captain Sensible , Wot; Mad Cow's and Englishmen.

Whenever my friends gather, there is a good chance we will say this at least once. We rarely sing it, but it is often said as loudly and silly as possible.

It's just who we are, stop judging!!

So when after much fiddling with recipes for an Aussie Christmas Ale, the early forms of this beer were tried and we realised it was tasty and sessionable. We decided it was a must for our regular 'Keg and Cow' BBQ sessions in summer. As for that Aussie Christmas Beer, that is still in development.

When we worked out that a full 11oz glass was 1 standard drink, the name created itself. Captain Responsible Trousers was born on a hot January day early in 2012. Mainly because Captain Sensible Pants just did not have the same ring.

Using recipes derived from traditional London style pale ales ('Standard Bitters' in beer nerd terms), we tossed many different varieties of aussie hops in late to find that quintessential Aussie summer flavour.

Summer was one of those hops. Sadly, since it is going out of production for good, and we have to find a replacement!

Took us nearly another 5 years to get around to starting the brewery and making it for you, soz!

Hope you get a chance to enjoy this first batch of it. Rest assured of this beer we will make more.

Captain Responsible Trousers

225L Produced
Keg Conditioned Real Ale.
Brewer: David Henderson


Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water

Beer Nerdery

Style: Standard Bitter(ish)
BJPC Category: 8C(ish)
Hop Origin: USA and Australia
Malt Origin: UK and Australia
Carbonation: Keg conditioning
Priming Agent: Fresh Wort
2.6 Volumes CO2
10 ºL Colour
10.4 ºP Original Gravity
3.3 ºP Final Gravity
3.8% ABV
50 IBU

Where to buy?

Kings Head Hotel & Sturt Street Cellars, look for the hand carved tap handle.
Sweet Amber Brew Cafe.