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The Friendly Bison
Full Bodied American Pale Ale.

We all have that mate...

No, not *that* mate!

The good one... with the scruffy beard.

That mate who will drop everything at a moments notice to help you move your sister's annoying boyfriend into his new house, and bring beer to share as well. Olexij built this beer to celebrate that mate.

Let's face it, Olexij is that mate most of the time!

The Friendly Bison, hairy but friendly. The Bision is a big malty American Pale Ale, he is that mate that comes over to help you move house and still brings a carton to share. He is unfiltered, but that is part of his charm. Expect some fruitiness but this beer is definitely down to earth with hops like the Sorachi Ace lending a herbal earthy note.

Friendly Bison Batch 01

150L Produced
Keg Conditioned Real Ale.
Brewer: Olexij Straschko


Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water

Beer Nerdery

Style: American Pale Ale(ish)
BJPC Category: 10A(ish)
Hop Origin: USA and Australia
Malt Origin: UK and Australia
Carbonation: Keg conditioning
Priming Agent: Fresh Wort
2.5 Volumes CO2
9 ºL Colour
14.6 ºP Original Gravity
5.5 ºP Final Gravity
5.0 % ABV
37 IBU

Where to buy?

Kings Head Hotel & Sturt Street Cellars.

The friendly Bison cartoon by George Aldridge