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20k Ale
The Barossa Valley Ale.

Brewed by the whole collective
Malt by Barossa Valley Craft Malting
Hops by Alex Marschall
April 2017

For the first time in history (that we know of), the terroir of the Barossa, in a beer. A beer made for locals by locals with local ingredients, but we are ok with anyone drinking it!

Not your ordinary fresh hop harvest Ale, 20k is the newly born love-child of the Barossa Valley. The malt and hops have all been grown, produced and brewed within a 20km diameter. That the circle is centered on the Stein's Taphouse in Nuriootpa is pure coincidence, we promise.

This beer has been made from a single batch of experimental malt from Barossa Valley Craft Malt. An early test batch in fact. Another baby company here in the Barossa, they are just starting their production. Olexij roasted a small portion of it for some extra flavour and David had to debeard some of it by hand to make the gyle for keg conditioning. This is the very definition of craft.

All of the hops, Super Alpha (Dr Reudi) for bittering and Chinook in the whirlpool, were lovingly grown and hand picked by, Alex, in Tanunda. They deliver citrus, spice and all things nice in this unique beer.

This very small initial batch has been made just for the Stein's Taphouse Barossa Brewers tap take-over on the June long weekend, the taste of the land. Keep an eye out of this year by year as it reflects the shifting and changing seasons of the Barossa brewed into every pint.


Beer Nerdery
Beer: 20k
The Barossa Ale
60L Produced
Brewer: Western Ridge Brewing Collective

Malted Barlet, Yeast, Water, Hops
Style: Kolsch
BJCP Category: 5B(ish) Kolsch
Hop Origin: Barossa Valley
Malt Origin: Barossa Valley
Carbonation: Keg Conditioned
Priming Agent: Fresh Wort
2.4 Volumes CO2
5.5 SRM Colour
13 P Original Gravity
4.1 P Final Gravity
4.7% ABV
26 IBU

Where to buy:
Stein's Taphouse Nuriootpa